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sleep is a luxury

stress is a way of life

Energy comes in the form of caffeine, sugar, and carbs



Complete a short Mental Health Assessment here to get more insight into how stress is impacting your well-being.

Also, check out my Rested & Restored Resources for lots of info on bouncing back from burnout by optimizing sleep, reducing stress, and eating for energy.

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hi, I’m Christina, former coffee addict, nap junkie, and very moody mom.

  • Are you tired during the day but wired at night, as you lie awake worrying or thinking about everything you have to do?

  • Does your body feel out of balance, sluggish, or worn out, despite your attempts to eat a healthy diet?

  • Do you regularly feel stressed, anxious, and mentally drained?

If these things sound familiar, I’m here to help you to manage stress, boost energy, and sleep better, so that you feel Relaxed, rested, and ready to keep up with your crazy busy lifestyle.

My coaching focuses on:

  • Developing and sticking to daily routines that will re-set your body’s natural 24-hour rhythm, in order to boost energy naturally during the day and set the stage for better sleep at night

  • Understanding how to follow the right diet to support mood, energy, and sleep

  • Reviewing stress-management strategies that can be used to boost mental and physical energy and improve sleep quality

  • Shifting toward natural products to support sleep, energy, and the body’s stress response, in place of artificial products and medications containing unsafe ingredients that can cause side effects and damage health long-term

Set up a free strategy call with me here if you’re interested in learning more about how you can:

  • Stop feeling like crap day in and day out

  • Wake up feeling rested, not desperate for caffeine

  • Not have to rely on sugar and carbs for energy or wine to wind down at night

  • Fall asleep more easily and stay asleep throughout the night

  • Put an end to being so moody, because you’re so tired & stressed

  • Have the energy you need to keep up with your family and crazy busy lifestyle

I look forward to connecting with you soon so that we can get you started on the path to less stress, more energy, and better sleep, naturally!


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